Pet First Aid

First Aid

You can’t schedule emergencies, but you can plan for them. A pet friendly 1st aid kit can go a long way to making sure you are prepared for one. You should include Pet centric things like updated Medical/Shot records, Numbers to your RDVM & the closest emergency hospital. It also is a great Idea to include the number for ASPCA Pet Poison control (1-800-426-4435)

Several of the supplies found in Human first aid kits will also be present in one for our pets. 

For Example:
1.    Absorbent gauze pads
2.    Adhesive tape
3.    Antiseptic wipes, lotion, or spray
4.    Blanket
5.    Cotton Balls or cotton swabs
6.    Gauze rolls
7.    Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. (Only if directed by a veterinarian or Pet poison control) 
8.    Non-Latex disposable gloves
9.    Vaseline 
10.    Bandage scissors
11.    Non-stick pads 
12.    Vet Wrap 
13.    Medical tape
14.    Sterile saline
15.    Tweezers
16.    Nylon Slip lead
17.    Muzzle
18.    Thermometer (Normal body temperature for cats and dogs is 102.5⁰F or below 100⁰F)
19.    Collapsible water bowl