Pet Insurance

Healthcare costs have not only risen in human medicine, but also in veterinary medicine. As a result, pet insurance is becoming more popular among pet owners throughout the United States. For many of us, our beloved four-legged friends are more than just pets, they are part of the family and we want to provide the best health care possible. Pet insurance can help, not only with the expense of routine visits, but also in emergency situations.

If you have pet insurance, we will help provide the necessary documentation for you to file your claim so that you can be reimbursed by the insurance company. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance in filing.


For our clients who are Trupanion members, we are now able to accept direct payments. This means that Trupanion can pay us directly for their portion of the invoice at checkout, and members leave paying only their portion. That’s right! No more waiting for reimbursement. We believe that medical insurance for pets is an important part of pet ownership. If your pet is not currently insured, we recommend researching coverage options so that you can budget for new, unexpected illnesses and injuries.  

How Trupanion works for pet insurance.

For those who do not have pet insurance, we recommend you thoroughly explore your options concerning pet insurance and consider purchasing a policy. There are many pet insurance companies with varied policies available.